Things That an OTC manufacturer or Resale Entrepreneur Should Keep in Mind with Label Design

As most of you would already be well aware, it is very easy nowadays to find quality information on any subject. In fact, the current situation in the world is such that you can even find classified documents from famous governments online. With so much accessibility and wide reach of the internet, it comes as no surprise that most people are becoming smarter and more knowledgeable about things in life. Take for example, medicinal drugs. People these days have a list of Over the Counter (OTC) drugs at their fingertips for a variety of diseases, and if there is some situation that they do not have a medicine ready for then they research it in a matter of seconds. However, the knowledge base of people goes deeper than just knowing which OTC medicines to buy. They also know how to measure and evaluate the medicines on the basis of the information provided on their labels. Such social developments make it extremely important for an OTC manufacturer or an OTC resale entrepreneur to focus on the labels of their products. There are a variety of things that need to be kept in mind when it comes to the labels of drugs made by an OTC manufacturer. The following is a primer divided into two categories i.e. generic advice and specific tips.

Generic advice would consist of comprehensive advice on the ideologies and concepts behind the designing of the labels for an OTC manufacturer or resale entrepreneur.

1. Be authentic:

There are some situations where your designer might advise you to stretch the fabric of reality a little bit to attract more buyers. This is usually done by an OTC manufacturer or resale entrepreneurs by providing false information or hiding behind technicalities. A product which is not effective but uses these techniques in its labels will only get one purchase from one person and will not be able to retain a customer. If you wish to have a customer come back to your products again and again, then you need to provide an effective product with a solid label.

2. Overpromising:

This is another very common mistake that many OTC manufacturers or resale entrepreneurs make when designing their labels. The prime example of this mistake is a label saying ‘100% wrinkle removal' or ‘complete acne cure'. These claims can be misleading and can put off the smarter consumers who know that it is virtually impossible for such a product to exist.

Specific advice has more to do with the way information is put in the label by the OTC manufacturer or resale entrepreneur.

1. Order:

The order of ingredients needs to be on the basis of their quantity in the product. This is why many OTC manufacturers or resale entrepreneurs tend to have water as the primary ingredient on their labels.

2. Active ingredient:

If the product is for some particular ailment or problem then there has to be an active ingredient in it. Listing of active ingredients is of utmost importance for an OTC manufacturer or resale entrepreneur.